Krill Ultra™ powered by SuperbaBoost™

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Supplementation with Krill Ultra™ powered by Superba™Boost:

  • Provides cognitive support through enrichment of brain neural tissue.‡
  • Supports cardiovascular function by supporting healthy prostaglandin function and supporting healthy triglyceride levels.‡
  • Supports joint comfort and provides support for joint flexibility.‡
  • Supports comfort during menstruation.‡

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Download Krill ULTRA Brochure Here

Krill oil is an oil obtained from a tiny, shrimp-like animal that lives in the cold, clean waters of the Antarctic.  The species of krill harvested in the Antarctic is Euphausia superba.  Krill is a common food source for Baleen whales, mantas, and whale sharks. In Norwegian, the word “krill” means “whale food.”

Krill Ultra™ powered by SuperbaBoost™  provides many benefits including cardiovascular support, cognitive support, skin health, joint comfort and flexibility support and emotional and cognitive support for women during menstruation.

Using newly acquired technology called Flexitech™, Aker BioMarine, the leading supplier of krill-derived products to the consumer health and wellness and animal nutrition markets, has launched its first krill oil concentrate.  Called SuperbaBoost™ Caps, the product contains significantly more phospholipids and omega-3s compared to the previous generation of Superba™ Krill Oil.  But the best part is that just two capsules of SuperbaBoost™ qualifies for four EU-authorized health claims, including:

  • EPA & DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart.‡
  • Choline contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function.‡
  • Choline contributes to normal lipid metabolism.‡
  • Choline contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism.‡


While Krill Ultra™ powered by SuperbaBoost™ may contain lower levels of EPA and DHA than fish oil, the phospholipid structure of Krill Ultra™ powered by SuperbaBoost™ makes the EPA and DHA much more absorbable. Krill Ultra™ powered by SuperbaBoost™t also contains vitamins A, E and D and the potent antioxidant astaxanthin (which gives krill a reddish color).

Krill Ultra™ powered by SuperbaBoost™ from Progressive Labs is sustainably sourced and processed immediately after harvesting which maintains the beneficial nutrients.  This technology helps ensure top quality krill oil by delivering the krill to tanks on the boat alive (unlike most other manufacturers).  This allows for fresh processing of delicate krill.

Since krill is at the bottom of the food chain krill oil does not accumulate dangerous levels of environmental toxins such as PCBs, mercury, radioactive substances, and toxic heavy metals that can be found in fish oils. In addition, fish oils are heat processed which can degrade the beneficial nutrients, and has a much shorter shelf-life which can lead to rancidity.‡



Warning:  If you are pregnant or lactating woman, have any health conditions, or are taking any medication, make sure to consult your healthcare provider prior to use.

‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Take two softgel capsules daily


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