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  • All products are broken down by easy-to-understand categories.
  • Supporting documentation is readily available to help you understand the “why” behind most supplements.
  • All products are of the highest quality. You don’t have to worry about which brand to take.
  • You can even find a licensed healthcare provider near you to consult with if you wish, for more complex questions or healthcare issues.

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Why is nutrition so important?

👉 Exercise

👉 Sleep 

👉 Sleep

👉 Stress

👉 Mental Health


Our healthcare system...

…is more challenged than ever before.  Insurance premiums only go one direction – up. Co-pays and deductibles make it almost too expensive to access healthcare even when we really do need it. And for the first time in history, this newest generations may live a shorter average lifespan than their parents. What does all this mean?

We need to take better care of ourselves.

We all know the main building blocks of wellness: exercise, sleep and stress management, mental health, and of course, nutrition. They are all equally important, perhaps at different times and with differing amounts of focus for different people at different points in their lives/ages/overall conditions.  The one word that defines our relationship with all of these categories is… CUSTOMIZATION!

What's the easiest wellness component to customize?

NUTRITION! With the advent of genetic testing, and the historic accuracy of blood chemistry testing, it’s easier than ever to see exactly what our bodies really need. Genetic testing guides us to nutrients that can benefit us for life. And blood and stool testing can tell us what our bodies need right now.  And best of all, it is all readily accessible – RIGHT HERE!

Testing Services Available

Genetic Direction
DNA Testing

Genetic Direction DNA testing identifies gene variants called SNPs (“snip” or Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) that identify nutrients your body needs.

Great Plains
Blood and Stool Testing

Great Plains can test your blood chemistry as well as your gut health through a comprehensive analysis of the microbiome of your digestive system.

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Want help? Click here to search for a licensed healthcare practitioner closest you who is enrolled in our program who can help you with your testing and selections that are most appropriate for YOU!