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  AminoCare Cream #10050
AminoCare Cream 
Price: $50.00

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A specially formulated amino acid based skin cream designed to have advanced anti-aging and moisturizing properties.
Purified water, emulium delta, huile de tamanu (tamanu oil), glycerin, isopropyl palmitate, phenylacetylglutamine (PG) and phenylacetylisoglutamine (isoPG) (amino acid derivatives), cyclomethicone (fluid 245), cetyl alcohol, glyceryl monostearate, grapefruit seed extract, natural green tea fragrance.
Contains no parabens, additives, mineral oil or any animal products.
For best results, cleanse the skin before applying cream. Use each morning and night. Also apply during the day if need be. Apply cream to skin wherever desired.
30g (1 fl. oz.)

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